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Griefware was formed after its founder, Debra Woog, MA, MPC, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in grief and loss, noticed an important need in the community. She observed that many in mourning struggled to quickly get over their loss expecting that healing would be quick and easy. Further she noticed that members of the mourner's community were often unaware of the loss and if they were, they didn't know if their offers of help and support would be welcomed.

The grief process typically takes between 1 and 3 years however public expression of grief has changed significantly over the past half century. In the 1940's, men who had lost a loved one wore a black arm band and women wore all black clothing for an entire year. This was so the mourner could remember that if they felt emotionally or cognitively impaired during this time, it was a normal part of what they were going through. It also reminded others that this person might need some company, help with food, or just a chance to talk about their loss. With changes in our society- wartime, dress, job relocation, changing communities, attitudes about grief, etc. American's stopped these mourning dress practices and today many persons are attempting to "get over" the loss very quickly often with tragic results. In our modern times we have lost the so important purpose of public expression of grief.
Debra saw the need for grieving individuals to have a modern way to memorialize their loved ones, remind themselves they are grieving and invite others to recognize a person in mourning. She designed the Griefband(tm) "I remember you, please remember me"(tm) bracelet. It is a black modern silicone bracelet with white lettering that can be worn for a year.

Debra maintains a private practice in Lake Forest, California and can be reached at 949-233-9058.
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